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HPS would like to Welcome Hannah Purtell and Shad Christman to the team!

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At HPS we focus almost exclusively on litigation work. Our skills and resources allow us to handle cases ranging from car crash injury insurance claims to complex commercial litigation.

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When you are in need

"When you are in need of an attorney it is a stressful situation. John totally eliminated all my uncertainty and stress. John is a great listener and then he takes action.  I was looking for an attorney that I didn't feel I had to coach along. - I found that with John.  He is top notch, professional, and my go to attorney. Thanks again John for taking the lead and working hard for me while providing me quick and amazing results."

I am so thankful I came to HPS

"I am so thankful I came to HPS for help in getting shared custody of my daughter. When I first came to the office I was lost and didn’t know what options there were, but Vince and Peggy educated me about these cases and really helped put my mind at ease throughout this process. They’ve been so great guiding me through this and timely with everything. Thank you HPS for your help and for making my case much less stressful."

John represented me on

“John represented me on a serious charge in federal court. From the beginning, John and Shantel fought hard for me. The case went to trial, and the jury found me not guilty. I am very grateful for their work, and would recommend John to anyone who needs help.”

Testimonial 4

"HPS is rooted in a tradition of public service, law reform and the improvement of legal education. Scott Heidepriem was the first person the law school contacted when we needed support for the trial advocacy program. He did not disappoint us. Because of his instrumental involvement we have expanded the law school’s trial competition program to include up to 40% of the graduating class. He has helped the team emerge onto the larger national stage. He and HPS are partners of the law school in its pursuit of excellence and the improvement of education. A recent example of HPS’s support of the law school were guest lectures by Vince Purtell and Steve Siegel.  HPS is a good friend of the law school and a partner in helping improve the future delivery of legal services."

Dean Thomas Geu

Testimonial 3

"February 2017 I fell on an icy sidewalk outside my workplace and broke my right wrist in several places.Steve had represented my husband David as well. Every time I had a question Steve and Cindee were alwaysavailable to take my call or return my calls. Very happy with Steve as our Attorney!!"

Testimonial 2

"Steve did an outstanding job on my lawsuit case this last summer! He truly got the job done and made it extremely easy on my end. I would recommend Steve to anyone in need of legal help."

Testimonial 1

“Hi Scott, I know you are a busy man, always helping people. I just wanted to say “thank you.” My family and I had a very difficult time dealing with mom’s accident. Your compassion made it all a little easier. Having you on our side, always being only a phone call away…gave me a sense of comfort. It’s been a blessing, Scott to have met you, it seems like “thank you” just isn’t enough.”


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